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Effective Ways of Improving Billing System of a Medical Practice

Medical coding and billing process being complex takes a long time to finalize. Not just complicated cases, need for coordination of internal practice work flow with external factors such as claim processing vendors and clearing houses necessitate continuous review for even the routine cases.

Steps to Improve Medical Billing System

  • Proper maintenance and updating of patient files is vital
    • It is essential to verify the insurance information and demographics with each visit – not just the insurance policy number, the address of the insurance company also needs to be verified
  • Regular training leads to success
    • Insurance companies have different set of rules – training programs having components which enable billing departments to access filing needs quickly and access patient files for ensuring that each carrier is having the necessary information prove helpful
  • Tracking Denials helps improve the billing process in future
    • Tracking denial codes will reveal smooth steps for the practice toward achieving efficiency – regardless of whether you utilize external billing service or process the claims internally, proper checks and balances help in improving first-pass rates
  • Keeping tabs on policy changes
    • Keeping a frequently updated checklist lets your team understand where each claim is to be sent – updating on a regular basis enables sticking to compliance needs as well
  • Integrating billing work flow by using EHR Systems
    • By integrating the EHR system of your practice with billing system ensures that insurance claims are filed properly with appropriate coding and documentation
  • Proper follow-up on delinquent claims
    • Reviewing the account aging for determining the claims that have not been paid timely reveals communication issues – reviewing helps the providers to improve the billing process and capture reimbursements efficiently

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