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Evaluation of Potential Personal Injury Claim Prior to Taking a Case

It is important for attorneys to verify their clients before taking up a case. Running a check and determining who is appropriate to work with is vital for you as an attorney. For evaluating a potential personal injury claim, you need to have the medical summary.

Role of Medical Record Review and Medical Summarization

Attorneys need to take two crucial steps to decide whether to represent a particular client or not, namely, meeting the individual personally, and getting the client’s medical records reviewed and summarized by a reliable outside company.

Getting the medical records reviewed and summarized provides the legal professional the essential tools to take the case ahead. This helps them in improving the quality of their cases and offers clear understanding of all major issues.

Meeting the Client is the First Step
To check the merit of a claim, it is necessary for the attorney to meet with the individual who files the case. This way, you get to learn about the crucial facts related to the case as described by the potential client. Personal injury claims must be explored in detail, in which the first step is learning as much as possible about the legal facts associated with the case.

Evaluation of the Evidence
Gathering medical records and getting them reviewed by a third-party medical record review service provider is the next step in evaluating a personal injury claim. This helps in revealing valuable information related to the quality of the case and the actual injuries suffered by the client. Important factors that may be identified through this step are injuries, treatments, and prior medical conditions which the client may not be in a position to recollect, or doesn’t want to share.

Comparing Information Given by Client With That from the Medical Records
Comparing how your potential client’s allegations match with the medical evidence that you have is important. This can be achieved through partnering with reliable medical record review and medical records management companies who provide in-depth details regarding facts of the case that are not disclosed by the client.

This comparison helps you to decide whether the case is worth-taking or not. For determining the relative value of a case and arriving at an information-based decision about taking up a new case, you may approach an efficient medical records management company.

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