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How Do Psychoanalysts Differ From Psychotherapists

Dealing with diagnosing and treating mental health of individuals, medical professionals in the psychiatry department have to work under pressure and they need to take more responsibilities. Although there are differences between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis as medical professions, the ultimate aim is providing the patient with the most optimal care that enables them to achieve mental and physical comfort.

Requirements of Mental Health Professionals

For practicing psychotherapy, one needs to first get trained as a general practitioner. They are later trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and in the impacts of individuals’ emotions and behaviors. Correcting distorted thinking and enabling patients to effectively deal with life are the primary responsibilities.

Psychoanalysis helps in understanding why individuals’ psyche develops resistance to certain factors such as change. Even the forces that make one oppose change could exacerbate the resistance further. Examples are fear of responsibility, fear of unknown, and fear of pain caused by loss. Psychoanalysis addresses the unconscious level of individuals’ minds and facilitates breaking the resistance to change- thus driving them toward growth, health, and strength.

One gets trained a psychotherapist for becoming a psychoanalyst. Now, managing the mental health of people and enabling them to get back to their normal life is a very responsible task. This field of medicine necessitates documenting huge volume of patient reports. Here’s where professional medical transcription companies help specialists. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis transcription solutions relieve these professionals from having to spend precious time on clinical documentation, allowing them to spend more time with their patients and offer the best possible care.

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