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Importance of Capturing all Charges Correctly in Improving Productivity

The crucial details that are essential for getting insurance claims are processed and entered in the charge entry – making it a vital element in the billing cycle. The accuracy of medical billing charge entry influences the reimbursement amount paid by insurance payers to health care providers.

Significance of Charge Entry

Playing a key role in the medical billing cycle, the charge entry process facilitates assigning appropriate monetary value to patient accounts according to the fee schedule and coding. This necessitates error-free charge entry to avoid claims denial. In addition, right coordination between the charge entry and coding teams ensures enhanced results.

Having a predominant impact on reimbursement, charge entry demands the utmost attention – ensuring that charges are entered in correct way makes it possible to assure only clean claim are submitted to the payers.

How Does Charge Entry Improve Practice Productivity?

By bringing down the time needed for routine data entry of charges, charge entry helps improve your productivity. It is possible to enter charges quickly, set up fee schedules, check codes with regard to reimbursement rules of payers, and trace all encounters from scheduling of appointments to submission of insurance claims.

By streamlining the redundant data entry, more time can be spent on other important activities in the medical billing process. By outsourcing charge entry services to reliable and efficient third-party service providers, you can get access to accuracy and consistency.

Charge Entry Services Offered by Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd

  • Charge entry from coded documents into patient account
  • Entry of demographic data
  • New patient account creation
  • Printing received superbills
  • Audit and quality check
  • Submission of clean and scrubbed medical claims

Why Rapid Care?

We have a team that includes skilled and motivated professionals. We ensure that charges are entered based on account-specific rules. We make sure that final charges get audited by experts and only clean claims are forwarded for submission.

Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd has been in health information technology-related services since more than 15 years. Visit our website www.rapidcare.net for more details.