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Key Benefits of Speech Recognition to Health Care Industry

There has been a considerable growth in the adoption of technology for creating, storing, and managing critical health information in the past few decades. Health informatics has enabled accessing clinical data through computer networks and help improving patients’ health outcomes. Speech recognition is the latest entry in the language-based technologies that hold the potential to make information easily understood and accessed.

The Basics of Speech Recognition

Speech recognition system is composed of microphones that convert sound into electric signals. It also includes sound cards that digitalize the signals, and speech engine software that converts data into text.

Put simply, speech recognition technology makes use of a device such as telephone or microphone for capturing the spoken words and converts the same into digital format by using specially designed software. In the health care industry, speech recognition technology takes the role of an automated medical transcriptionist in that it converts recorded audio files into text format.

Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology to Health Care Industry

Speech recognition technology has attained immense popularity in the recent past. From individuals to large organizations, it has been widely used for the various benefits that it provides.

The dictation ability provided by the speech recognition technology is one of its major notable advantages. With the support of technology, users are able to control the devices and generate documents by speaking. Document creation is faster as the software is capable of producing words at the same speed as they are spoken. This is much faster than the typing speed of any person.

Dictation solutions find their use with individuals, health care organizations, legal professionals, and a wide range of other entities. By making use of speech recognition technology, it is possible for callers to enter information such as name and reason for calling without the need for interacting with a live agent. Minimizing the need for live agents, this technology helps save costs while being able to improve customer experience.

Medical professionals can considerably reduce their paper work and gain more time to focus on their patients. Speech recognition technology helps reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve security. Applications such as templates, macros, and medical dictionaries help increase the accuracy and enhance user acceptance.

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