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The dynamic environment prevailing in businesses today has necessitated delegating business transcription needs to reliable transcription companies. Recordings from conferences and meetings need to be accurately transcribed. While getting this done in-house may prove expensive, business organizations of different types Read more…

It’s not enough if you, as a transcriptionist, are well-versed in language and good at listening. Medical transcription demands more than just transcribing data accurately. Medical transcription professionals are expected to familiarize themselves with certain fundamental legal requirements. Significance of Read more…

It takes a lot of efforts to transform unclear and ill-structured voice reports of patients into appropriately organized medical records. For several purposes such as avoiding human errors, relieving medical professionals from the time-consuming documentation process, and achieving accuracy, medical Read more…

The seemingly simple task of audio transcription is one that needs to be performed with a lot of responsibility and great attention to details. With accuracy level of over 99% being demanded, transcription service requires expertise and experience for fulfilling Read more…