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The Role of Obstetrics Specialists in Managing Multifetal Gestation

Multiple pregnancies occur spontaneously or naturally; while twins are the common form, there is possibility of triplets, quadruplets, or even higher orders! Multifetal gestation or multifetal pregnancy involves more than one fetus present in the uterus. Multiple pregnancy has been associated with increased maternal morbidity. It is the responsibility of Obstetrician and Gynecologist to take the expecting mother through the entire pregnancy cycle to enable healthy delivery and efficient care of the newborns.

Facts about multifetal pregnancy

Presenting challenges to the obstetrician, multiple gestation has been increasing, fueled by infertility therapy. It also accounts for substantial amount of neonatal morbidity and mortality. The phenomenal rise in number of multifetal births causes public health concern. This compromises the survival chances of the neonates while increasing the risk of their lifelong disability.

Complications Involved in Multifetal Pregnancy

Ridden with a higher risk of fetal malformations, multiple gestations are also cause for developing twin-twin transfusion syndrome. It is a reason for increase in the maternal complications as well.

Risks related to postpartum hemorrhage, preeclampsia, and maternal death increase twofold or even more, with multiple gestations. Cesarean delivery and preterm delivery are common in this type of pregnancy, while growth restriction is also experienced. Impact on mental health of the mothers also increases with multiple pregnancy.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Prenatal Ultrasonography helps in determining multiple gestation. While Cesarean delivery is recommended for twins unless the presenting twin happens to be in vertex position, regardless of presentation, higher order multiples are delivered typically by Cesarean.

Obstetricians are required to screen development of babies in the case of multiple pregnancy – they must make use of the most accurate and advanced technology available and look for complications. The process of multiple gestation management involves consulting families and treating conditions as per requirement.

After delivery, it is the responsibility of the neonatal intensive care unit to provide any care needed for the newborns as they grow and develop. When the mother and the infants leave the hospital, multiple birth support group takes charge of providing companionship and the essential skills and support necessary for the families. The ultimate goal is keeping the babies and the mom strong and healthy.

Role of Obstetrics Transcriptionists

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