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Things to Know About HIPAA Compliance in Medical Transcription

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) enforces several factors related to the health insurance. One of the major requirements of this Act connected with medical transcription is confidentiality of patient health data.

Basic Factors in HIPAA

HIPA protects employees who have availed group health insurance coverage by transferring their insurance policy. Employees who have long-term health conditions need not be concerned about leaving their jobs for fear of  facing limited coverage under new insurance plans as restricted by pre-existing condition clauses.

HIPAA has been designed with primary focus on protecting individuals’ privacy rights associated with their confidential health records. Dramatically impacting the way health information is handled, this act restricts transmittal and dissemination of sensitive personal medical data greatly. HIPAA regulations try to restrict use of pre-existing conditions clause to some extent.

Medical Transcription and HIPAA-Compliance Needs

The act refers medical transcriptionists having access to health information of patients as “third parties,” who are required to have a written contract with the business organization for which they provide service. This is for assuring that the personal health information of patients that is handled by them is properly safeguarded. Moreover, all electronic transmission of data between the business organization and the third party need to be conducted in accordance with approved standards.

Internet-related HIPAA compliance factors

Internet having become the major channel for electronic data transmission, the medical transcription service provider must use encryption with password protection to ensure unauthorized access to patients’ health information is prevented. While telephonic dictation need not be encrypted, those voice files that are transferred using portable recorders have to be encrypted before being transmitted over the internet.

Transcripts must be sent to health care providers in secured manner by encrypted system of email or secure FTP server.

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