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Want to know the Fundamentals of Medical Coding process?

The process of assigning numerical codes to different medical procedures for which patients are billed, Medical Coding is one key element in the medical industry. Using universally accepted and standardized codes of systems, medical coders need to affix appropriate codes for each service or treatment provided.

What is exactly Medical Coding Process?

Medical coding is the process through which health care diagnoses, procedures, services related to care delivery, and equipment are transformed into globally accepted alpha-numeric codes. Such procedures and diagnoses are derived from various medical records such as physicians’ notes, reports from labs and radiology sections, and so on.

Medical Coding Guidelines – an outline

Medical Coding is a little similar to translating. Coders are expected to use health reports from physicians that consist of patients’ medical conditions, diagnoses details, all procedures that have been performed, and the prescription. These data are turned into a set of codes using generally accepted alpha-numeric characters and form a crucial part of the claim sent to insurance providers.

It is essential that coders follow all the stipulated guidelines to furnish understandable and clear medical codes. Failure to strictly follow the coding guidelines will lead to delayed payment, claim denials, and request for medical records.

Why Medical Coding is Considered Crucial?

With voluminous data occupying every individual patient’s file, it will not be practically possible to convey all the relevant information clearly to the insurance company. When the patients’ injuries, illnesses, or diseases increase, the amount of data that needs to be passed on also grow in size significantly. This calls for coding the relevant data in an acceptable and unambiguous manner – medical coding is all about this.

The Numinatrans Benefit

We have been providing efficient medical coding services to global medical facilities and physicians. We follow all major coding manuals and ensure prompt reimbursements. Our expert coders are well-versed with the codes and updates; they have knowledge to discern data from hand-written patient charts and reports as well.

Payment by insurance providers is based on medical coding that they receive from medical service providers. Medical coding plays a critical role in the payment of medical services.