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What is expected from Transcription Companies?

Health Care industry has undergone a vast change during the recent past. Modern health care service providers, regardless of the size or specialty, are found to generate medical reports of patients on a daily basis. Contemporary laws and regulations require digitization for security and easy sharing of data. The role played by transcriptionists has become increasingly more crucial.

Quality is priority and yet costs must be reasonable

Assisting medical professionals in delivering the best possible health care to patients, Medical Transcription Service Providers need to ensure that transcripts are totally reliable and free of errors. The care quality being impacted by the quality and content of transcripts, caution must be exercised in producing meticulous and comprehensive transcripts.

Adhering to Security and Privacy

File transfer needs to be done in a secure environment. Traceability and confidentiality of data access must be ensured. Medical records consist of sensitive patient information that needs to be safeguarded.

Accuracy and Turnaround Time are Vital for providers

The most important part in the transcription process is the accuracy of information. Having been entrusted with the vital responsibility of producing verbatim and flawless transcripts, service providers must understand the need for error-free documentation and timely delivery. Delivering transcripts on the mutually agreed time is of utmost importance.

Cost-effectiveness is key to long-term success

Even successful and reputed medical practices are working on narrow operating budgets today. Outsourcing has been adopted on wide scale because of the cost saving in transcription process. Transcription companies need to keep this in mind.

Why Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd?

Rapid Care has been the pioneers in medical transcription services in India. We have been serving the health care community since last fifteen years. The following are the benefits of availing Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd’s services:

  • Physicians and specialists get more time for seeing patients
  • By outsourcing documentation to Rapid Care through dictation, practice productivity can be considerably increased
  • It is possible for physicians to E-Sign and E-Edit after dictations have been transcribed
  • Dictation and delegating transcription task to reliable service providers saves a lot of resources for medical practitioners and clinicians

Transcription Service providers are faced with three major challenges, namely, quality, affordability, and turnaround time. Their success depends on being able to negotiate these three in a balanced manner and coming up with accurate transcripts.