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Air Pollution and its Impact on Respiratory Health

Evidences have clearly proven that air pollution is one of the major contributors to the global issue of allergic and respiratory diseases. This is found to be more so in industrialized nations – with developing countries following suit. The role played by physicians who specialize in allergy and immunology in the modern world is vital in these circumstances.

Allergy & Immunology Transcription Services

Allergy is the damaging immune response extended by the human body to any substance to which the body is hypersensitive. This substance may be pollen, dust, fur, any specific food, or such other things. Respiratory diseases such as asthma and pneumonia, among others, are said to be on the rise with increasing air pollution that is being caused by several factors.

Being occupied with the need to meet as many patients as possible, medical professionals, especially the specialists who are entrusted with managing the allergy and immunology-related diseases and medical conditions are busy. The increased number of respiratory diseases spurred by the increase in air pollution across the world has ensured that physicians dealing in the allergy and immunology specialty have to seek assistance for transcribing their patient reports and their medical records quickly so that they may provide better health care.

The Role of Air Pollution in Increasing the Respiratory Diseases

Health impacts of air pollution are seen to be one of the recent international health concerns along the past decades. Contributing to worldwide medical burden of quite a few diseases, air pollution is the cause for the rise in the number of allergy and immunology-related conditions in the modern world.

Research has made it clear that the two major sources causing air pollution are biomass fuels and motor vehicles. Air pollution, when found in high levels, is instrumental in triggering asthma and affecting lung function, in addition to causing COPD.

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