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Crucial Steps in the Medical Billing Process

The seemingly complex process of medical billing can be managed efficiently when it is planned in a diligent way and executed properly.  One of the primary factors that help running a medical practice successfully, the medical billing process plays a vital role in maintaining the financial health of practices.

Role of Medical Billing Service Providers in the Health Care Scenario

When the billing process is being efficiently managed, your health care facility’s financial success is almost assured. With accurate and timely billing strategies in place, practices can run their processes smoothly and according to plan.

Proper billing ensures clean claim submission and speeds up the reimbursement process as well. Ridden with several steps and repetitions, delay in payment caused due to incorrect billing is common in the medical field. This necessitates partnering with experts who offer error-free and timely medical billing solutions to physicians and practices who are pressed for time.

Essential Steps to Achieve Successful Medical Billing Process

The following steps, when followed carefully, will lead to successful medical billing process, thus enabling health facilities to accomplish financial success as well:

  • Proper Patient Registration: Registering new patients’ information perfectly and retrieving information of those who have already visited is the first step that needs to be performed
  • Patient Eligibility Verification: Regular as well as new patients need to be verified for insurance eligibility – with changes in patient health insurance plans and other things frequently occurring, this step is crucial
  • Check-in and Check-out of Patients: Collecting patient information such as identification, completing require forms, and conform certain information that is already with the practice – these and other information that may be necessary in claim situations must be detailed
  • Accurate Bill Entry: Bill must contain correct medical codes for processing and complete details of services provided by the practice to the patient
  • Error-free Coding: To describe the disease and the treatment procedures effectively, it is necessary to provide accurate coding of claims – care should be taken to ensure that the right diagnosis and procedure codes are being used that describe the situation perfectly
  • Accurate Charge Entry: Flawless entry of charges related to services provided to patients is important
  • Submission of Claims: Upon having completed the claim in all respects, the claim may be submitted with insurers for payment – certain payer-specific billing aspects need to be checked properly before submission
  • Payment Posting: The bill amount payable by the patient will be zero during this stage, provided the amount has been paid in full – otherwise, the amount that the patient owes will be reflected here
  • Patient Payment Follow-up and Collection Management: When once a patient has made payment, the information gets updated in the file- collection of delinquent payment is carried out through directly contacting the patients, by sending remainders, or by entrusting the task to a collection agency

Following the aforesaid steps will ensure that practices obtain a smooth medical billing process.

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