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Tag: Medical Billing Process

One of the significant revenue cycle management challenges faced by health care facilities and medical billing service providers, patient billing proves to be a crucial element in maintaining the financial stability of practices. Significance of Medical Billing Process Amid Increasing Read more…

The seemingly complex process of medical billing can be managed efficiently when it is planned in a diligent way and executed properly.  One of the primary factors that help running a medical practice successfully, the medical billing process plays a Read more…

There is a general tendency among practice administrators to focus more on coding and documentation while considering payment posting as something secondary. Having received the payment means having completed the hard part for them. But payment posting is one of Read more…

Health care industry has regularly been undergoing changes and experiencing innovations. On the one hand, newer technologies and devices take health care quality to unprecedented levels. On the other hand, certain burdensome policies and regulations lead to shrinking of profit Read more…

Medical industry, with its constant evolution, necessitates numerous shifts and changes in the various processes and specialties that are inherent in it – medical billing world has been undergoing quite a few changes – with new regulations being introduced and Read more…