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Effective Medical Billing Strategies in the High-Deductible Era

One of the significant revenue cycle management challenges faced by health care facilities and medical billing service providers, patient billing proves to be a crucial element in maintaining the financial stability of practices.

Significance of Medical Billing Process Amid Increasing High-Deductibles

Modern medical industry is required to take necessary steps regarding enhancing their collection efforts while enabling patients to meet higher payment responsibilities. Focusing on the medical billing and collection processes proves vital to face the increased financial as well as administrative needs.

Consumer-Friendly Strategies For Handling Practice Collection Issues

  • Learning responsibilities of patients in payment: Performing insurance eligibility verification helps understand eligibility of patients regarding health care services
  • Up-front Collection for Normal Services: It is better to evaluate non-emergency patients having high deductible plans before treatment or services and educate them about the possible out-of-pocket costs
  • Patients Must be Educated About Insurance Plans: Patients who have high-deductible plans must be properly educated about their plan coverage and what is not covered, prior to health care services are offered
  • Flexibility in Payment: Avoiding rigid payment structure and offering flexibility in payment such as income-based plans, partial up-front pay, and discounts will enable patients to make payment in an easier way
  • Multiple Payment Options: Patients, when offered the choice of payment in different modes such as check, cash, or credit card, will be able to make payment in easy and effective manner
  • Informing Patients About the Significance of Regular Health Checks: Patients need to be informed about the importance of regular health examinations and screenings
  • Reminders: Reminding patients about when payment is due and how much they are expected to pay facilitates better payment

Exclusive Medical Billing Services Offered by Rapid Care

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Our endeavor is enabling health care facilities to adopt proactive strategies and efficiently face billing challenges. Our medical billing services ensure that patient debts are reduced while your practice collections are increased.

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Medical coding involves the transformation of important health-related information such as diagnosis, services and equipment into a universally acceptable medical alphanumeric code. These codes are applied to the medical records and the billing, so that the right charge is made of each diagnosis and treatment, and that the patient is paying correctly for the services that were availed. Medical coding involves using classification systems such as CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II.

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