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How to Use Speech Recognition Software to the Best Advantage

The modern technology that was initially viewed with apprehension as it was expected to eliminate manual transcriptionists has now been recognized as the best way to achieve accurate and fast transcripts while making use of the experience and skill of professional transcriptionists.

Understanding the Facts About Voice Recognition

It can be stated that automatic speech recognition software (ASR) is the natural choice of most of the professionals from the medical industry, when it comes to transcribing health information. Relieved from the clutches of the time-consuming traditional dictation modes, physicians and other health care professionals find it convenient and quick to dictate from anywhere by making use of a mobile device of their own choice.

ASR Software offers the convenience of dictating from anywhere and automatic transcription of the spoken word – conversion of the audio file into text with accuracy and speed. Medical transcription professionals now find themselves to fit in the role of editors and proofreaders who ensure that the final transcripts are meaningful and are free from error.

Role of Manual Transcription Professionals in Correcting ASR Software-based Transcripts

Although fast and less time-consuming, ASR Software cannot be entirely relied upon for achieving accurate and flaw less clinical documentation without the involvement of human transcription professionals. While offering advantages such as quick delivery and automated processes that reduce number of personnel required, this technology is found to cause increased errors.

While factors such as grammar and spelling may be completely correct, relevance and contextual meaning may not always be warranted while using ASR Software. It’s here that the expert manual transcription professional plays a vital role. It is the responsibility of the transcriptionist to check the transcripts for errors and correct them appropriately, to present the final clinical documentation in a reliable and perfect manner. It is to be noted that errors, when left unchecked and corrected, will lead to becoming a part of sensitive patient medical record.

How Does ASR Software Help Transcriptionists to Achieve Accurate Transcripts?

ASR Software streamlines correction process of dictation by another person. Repetitive document creation can be automated by using the ASR Software. Documentation of information can be performed faster than ever – with the use of voice recognition technology. ASR Software enables users to directly dictate into the PC or any hand-held device of their choice.

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