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Importance of Charge Entry and the Steps Involved

One of the most important components of the medical billing cycle, the charge entry process involves actual claims creation. Here’s where all vital inputs and details are being entered that enable claims processing. This calls for entering data in an error-free and in the approved manner.

Role of Charge Entry in the Medical Billing process

Charge entry process is one key area in medical billing. Patient accounts that have been created are assigned with appropriate monetary value here, according to the coding and applicable fee schedule. Reimbursements for the services provided by physicians will be determined by the charges entered, making the charge entries crucial.

Error on charge entries will lead to claim denial. Hence, it is essential that proper care is taken to avoid any mistakes. Moreover, there needs to be a good co-ordination between the charge entry and coding teams to be able to obtain enhanced results.

Crucial Steps Involved in the Charge Entry Process

  • Medical Billing Information Entry: Entering the billing information of patients happens to be a key step in the stage of charge processing. Involving entering critical data such as patient and provider details, services that have been provided, and date of patient’s visit, accuracy is the main concern here.
  • Assignment of Charges for medical codes: Requiring the maximum possible attention and eye for detail, this phase involves patiently assigning charges. Professionals involved in this section need to be well versed in internationally followed and recognized medical coding systems.

Details Included in Charge Entry

  • Admission Date
  • Date of providing service
  • Place of service
  • Provider details
  • Referring physician
  • Preauthorization details
  • Procedure code and diagnosis code

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