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The Pros and Cons of Automatic Speech Recognition

In the resource and time-starved modern world, there’s little wonder in individuals and companies seeking assistance for documenting their various data. Efficient and accurate transcription process that ensures increased productivity and improved quality are the major demands today. Naturally, use of voice recognition or speech recognition technology is the common choice among the masses.

Significance of Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

One of the modern applications that aim at achieving efficient transcription is automatic speech recognition software. This software is designed in such a way that it understands or recognizes human voice and converts the spoken words into text format in a matter of seconds.

Accurate and timely documentation of relevant data proves to be a crucial element in different organizations. Especially in industries such as health care, quality of data and data integrity play a much more critical role. This necessitates verbatim and accurate transcripts accomplished through reliable and efficient processes. Here’s where innovative technologies such as voice recognition play a vital role in assuring the reliability and timeliness of the documentation process.

Benefits of the Speech Recognition Software

  • Voice recognition technology is faster: speaking is  normally faster than writing or typing among most of the individuals – speech recognition software offers to get words into documents without delay
  • Accuracy is fairly good: Although transcripts from automatic speech recognition software need to be proofed and checked for quality, its quality is fairly good
  • Hands-free, focused work: Voice recognition makes it possible for the dictating professional to focus on his or her core function, without the need for paying attention to the routine task of typing – you just need to dictate while even attending to your core activities
  • Spelling: Speech to text process relieves individuals from having to pay attention to spelling – being able to dictate directly into the digital device ensures that spelling errors are reduced considerably

Challenges Related to Speech Recognition Software

  • Automatic speech recognition software doesn’t understand the complexities of the jargon – different industries use their own vocabulary and idioms that the software may not be able to understand fully
  • Accuracy is not reliable – transcripts, especially those related to medical industry, need to be of the maximum possible accuracy- which cannot be guaranteed in the case of automatic speech recognition software
  • Training is needed: the software needs to be trained to understand and recognize the voice of the dictator – transcribing voice data from more than one person is further difficult

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