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Is Traditional Transcription going to be replaced by Voice Recognition Software?

With so much hype and promotion, voice recognition software has been found to have accomplished tremendous response and has triggered a sense of awe among transcriptionists – literally taking the medical transcription field by storm, this new-found technology is seen as the next big thing in medical transcription industry

Role of Medical Transcription in the Health Care Scenario

Medical professionals, namely, physicians, surgeons, and other clinicians engaged in varied specialties and departments of health care facilities are entrusted with not only managing the health of their patients but also documenting their patient reports effectively in order to deliver the best care possible. Busy with their core functions, these professionals normally seek assistance from third-party service providers in producing accurate and reliable reports in the form of transcripts.

Basics of Voice Recognition Software

The software that allows a user to speak into the computer for giving commands or dictating speech, known as speech recognition software, enables saving audio files in convenient and accurate manner. Considered the quick and accurate way to dictate, this proves much faster than typing.

One crucial point to remember while making use of speech recognition software is that it will only recognize the specific voice that it has been trained with. For instance, during the course of an interview, this software picks up the voice of the interviewer or interviewee whose voice has been trained in, and not the other’s.

Reasons why this software is not the ultimate solution

Voice recognition works well for only three in ten people. The software needs to be trained to capture and recognize a person’s voice first. It needs to be continuously corrected and trained for recognizing words and phrases that it has not familiarized or just doesn’t identify from the speaker’s speech patterns. This happens to be an ongoing process that consumes time and effort.

Not having intelligence, the software doesn’t differentiate between homonyms; it will not be able to differentiate between to, too, and two, for example. This necessitates very careful proofreading after the process.

Although it is an innovative and widely usable technology, speech recognition may find it a while to come close to compete with manual transcription process!

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