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Looking for Effective Steps to Fight Flu?

It is well-known that Influenza viruses prove to be unpredictable and every season of flu is different. This contagious and serious disease may sometimes lead to hospitalization. It doesn’t spare even healthy people – they could get really sick and spread the flu to others. It is better to understand the impacts of flu, and more important, the steps needed to protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu!

Health Impacts of Influenza

Flu is one among the most dreaded infectious diseases of the modern times. It attacks the nose, throat, and the lungs. Older adults, young children, and pregnant women are vulnerable, apart from those with weak immune systems.

Flu is accompanied by fever and chills, muscle pains and fatigue, in addition to runny nose, congestion, and coughs. Rest and fluid intake are the primary treatments that allow the affected person’s body to fight this infection on its own.

Protective Steps against Flu

There are annual vaccinations that help in prevention of flu and mitigate its complications. Following are certain sure shot ways to protect the population from flu:

  • Vaccination
    • Although it’s not practical to avoid the flu completely, it is a good idea to get vaccinated – this reduces the chances of contracting this disease
  • Routine Preventive Actions
    • Flu viruses find it easy to spread in places where there is close contact among people, necessitating everyday preventive actions from people’s side – washing hands often, avoiding touching the eyes and nose, avoiding or limiting contact with sick people, and covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing are a few of the regular preventive actions suggested
  • Prescription Antiviral Medication
    • Treatment with antiviral drugs helps makes the illness milder and avoids serious complications of the flu
  • Staying well-informed
    • Being aware of the facts and details of the flu helps in preventing and treating the flu effectively

Significance of Infectious Diseases Transcription

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