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RCMB Medical Billing

Back-Logged Accounts Receivable:

We are very comfortable at handling this critical phase of billing since we rigorously follow-up with insurance companies and patients right till the last cent, using legally prepared appeals (as per Medicare advice with respect to “appealing” denials rather than “re-submitting” them). As a side note, our appeals will always include and quote well-researched past “legal” precedents because of our collaboration with one of the better known attorney firms that specialize in this field.

Coding Expertise:

We have in-house certified coders, who are normally required for around 20% of the claims. This enables us to hike collections just by timely catching down-coded errors by physicians, thus increasing the average levels billed for office visits. Especially when chosen to handle both transcription and medical billing, as we have direct access to the physician’s patient notes, we can analyze the codes used on a regular basis, to not only check their validity, but also to see if the documents and service warrant a higher level procedure. We provide a free PCA (procedure and diagnosis code analysis) to our potential clients even before we start, and do it quarterly there after as part of our service.

Optimized Ratio of Billing Personnel Per Physician:

A billing office (in-house or outsourced) should ideally have at least 1.5 billing personnel per physician to be able to bring in maximum revenue. We provide our clients with 2.5 billing personnel per physician, to ensure that insurance companies and patients are called up and aggressively followed up with, on every claim. By doing this, we also ensure that we provide dedicated 24 x 7 service our clients. All our personnel, including the president and CEO himself, are trained and guaranteed to be available to clients 24 x 7!

Revenue Augmentation:

Our services include specialized consulting for “adding” on to our client’s revenues and net profit. Some of the novel techniques we deploy include: Design and implementation of the latest best practice office processes geared toward patient satisfaction and increased revenue. Distribution and display of correct literature & notices in the client office for 2 weeks, and confirmation of appointments to cut down on ‘no-shows’. Additionally, ‘no-shows’ can then be legally charged between $20.00 to $35.00 each; Assisting the physician in locating and recruiting a nurse practitioner to save physician time for quality work, see more patients, and bill out more for increased revenue per managed care regulations;Mailing patient birthday greetings for improved physician-patient relationship; Referral strategies that are in line with Stark’s and HIPAA laws, etc. All these measures have been practically seen to increase profit for our physicians on an average by about 20% month on month.

Correct Billing Processes:

To ensure increased collections, we provide a week to two weeks’ training to the client’s staff on more efficient billing and data collection procedures, including eligibility checking and getting the correct pre-authorizations in a timely manner – all of which go miles toward increased collection and improved cash-flow.

Telephonic Patient Customer Service and Client Tech Support:

Our clients and their patients get local telephone numbers for support and follow-up. Well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable personnel answer these calls. Calls from physicians are directly routed only to the most highly trained medical billing professionals in our call center. Included in our prices is also customized remote controlled tech support for our physicians’ computer systems and day-to-day MS Office/Windows software queries.

Start-Up “Freebies”:

We provide all potential physician clients, before we even start, with the following FREE no-obligation services: Detailed full practice, cash-flow and profit analysis consultation with “non-sales” non-prejudiced and fair recommendations for improvement of the same. Detailed procedure and diagnosis code analysis of their current most used codes to check for errors and redundancies in the same.

Competitive Pricing:

Most medical billing companies charge between 8% and 12% of the amount collected, to their physician clients. We charge our clients, an average of 7 to 8% of the actual amount collected, after it is collected. That is substantial direct savings and cash-flow improvement to our physician clients, day on day.