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Significance of Production Transcription

Production Transcription is required by businesses involved in Movies, media organizations, and television telecast industry. Post Production Transcription involves transcribing audio and video content after production. Production transcript is the basis of all kinds of materials like captioning, subtitling, etc. Along with shot descriptions, music cues and other factors, it is a complex process. An ‘as-produced’ script is an exact reflection of the final program as it will be broadcast / telecast. It includes act breaks, scene breakdowns and descriptions, continuity as required, plus word-perfect dialogue and IDs. The ‘as-produced’ scripts will also sometimes have timing for scenes or acts. Production transcripts help video editors to locate segments of interest quickly for editing. Thus, it saves time in post production.

Post Production Transcription is used by media companies and television broadcasters for transcribing the video or audio content after its production. This can be done as per the specific requirements of the client.

Film makers have been using the typing services of Transcription Service providers. Film scripting is a lengthy task involving several pages which are split into several scenes. Handwritten notes of these are sent along with details like location, props, cast members, costumes etc. These are neatly compiled & typed into a numbered professional script, with scene numbers and other such details.

Rapid Care offers expert production transcription services. We will make your job easier with our production transcripts. Whatever may be your requirement – a feature film, a reality show for television, or a documentary- irrespective of the activity, we take care of all your production transcription needs. Our trained human transcribers create error free transcripts with high accuracy.

 Production transcripts are useful in:

  • Video editing
  • Depositions
  • Focus group recordings
  • Interviews and panel discussion recordings

Benefits of Rapid Care Production Transcription Services

  • Professional stenographers are used and provide word-for-word reliable transcripts
  • Parenthetic comments for music and sound effects possible
  • High accuracy is assured
  • Team of skilled and experienced transcriptionists
  • Cutting-edge technology and tools

Why Rapid Care?

Regardless of whether it is a television series, reality show, or movie, we assure effective transcripts with time-code that assists in editing smoothly. With the time stamps, it becomes possible to locate the preferred text quickly as well.

Rapid Care offers Post production Transcription Services on a per minute basis, with unbelievably low pricing that helps production houses and other clients to stick to their budget. Approach us for clean and efficient production transcription services!