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Why Time Coding in Transcription is Considered Significant?

Time code is a reference number given to a specific point in time within a media file. Time coded transcripts are written with time codes in the left margin of the document, thus allowing the end user to locate the desired audio or video within the source media instantly. Using time codes saves money, time and resources. For searching through long media files for key words and phrases, this allows the user to identify the location of critical aspects in their media. It increases overall efficiency, and allows audio & video producers and editors to improve their work flow.

        Time stamping or time coding is inserting the time in minutes and seconds into a transcript at the necessary intervals. It works as a marker of where the particular text can be found in the audio or video. Time stamps are placed based on the customer requirement. Some transcripts are stamped every five minutes while others are stamped every few seconds! This helps in the process of identification, editing, and subsequent synchronization. It is useful when captioning or subtitling is required for a video. It acts as a pointer to some particular scene also.

        Time coding being a special feature, is commonly utilized by law enforcement, legal, human resource, and government bodies for hearings, tribunals, witness statements, and evidence interviews. These transcriptions while being used for purposes of legal significance, duly time stamped, assist judicial action.

Services Offered:

  • Interviews
  • Speeches & Lectures
  • Consumer Audio / Video projects
  • Captioning
  • Subtitle service
  • Reality Television
  • Documentary Footage

Why Rapid Care

  • We assure quality output – Transcriptions are coded according to your own specifications
  • Standard Time Coding provided as compliment for our media transcription clients
  • Coding done by automatic time stamping system and hence accurate.
  • State-of the art technology compatible with all digital file formats
  • Stellar results at the lowest cost possible

Time-coded transcripts are full transcripts of any media file with a periodic time stamp. We provide Time stamps typically placed at every speaker change, and periodically within a speaker’s monologue also.

You can use our exclusive tools for selecting the frequency of time stamps according to your requirements. We can also insert time code at the beginning of every question and answer, and approximately 30 seconds thereafter. Rapid Care delivers efficiently time-coded transcripts promptly and flawlessly.