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Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is the process of converting audio files into text files that need high degree of professionalism and an eye for detail. Original Audio data can be in digital formats such as MP3, wav, etc, or non-digital formats like VHS cassettes etc. Non-digital formats are first digitized and then transcribed by our experienced transcription team.

Quite a few organizations in the present market require a large number of audio files to be transcribed, but not all can afford to make the investment in terms of time, funds, and effort. Collaborating with someone like Rapid Care makes it possible for them to save time & resources considerably, letting clients concentrate on core business activities.

Our Audio Transcription services

  • Business Meetings
  • Group Discussions
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Interviews
  • Lectures / Discussions
  • Sermons /Preachings
  • Medical transcripts
  • Legal Transcripts
  • Radio & Audio Broadcasts

Why Rapid Care Audio transcription services

  • Best infrastructure and technology
  • Experienced audio transcription work team
  • Input  / Output File formats according to client necessity
  • Accuracy, quality, and quick turnaround time guaranteed
  • Attractive pricing and free trial offer
  • Video Transcription

Time and cost saving are the forefront in today’s growing economy. Video transcription is the process of conversion of video files into text. Rapid Care has got extensive experience in video transcription. We serve organizations, schools, media, universities law firms and institutes, to name a few.

We have been providing a variety of technology-driven transcription services to various industries. We can provide you with quality video transcription service at a cost-effective price. The expert team with us can produce the highest quality transcripts possible, with the fastest turnaround rate at a lesser cost than others. Our video and podcast transcriptions add value and quality to your videos. Transcripts are easy to search by SEO and are easily quoted on the internet.

Our Video Transcription services include

  • Webcast and Podcast transcriptions
  • Live Broadcast transcriptions
  • Interview transcriptions
  • Sermon transcriptions
  • Video Conference transcriptions

Our clients include

  • Media professionals
  • Journalists
  • Police department
  • Independent book authors
  • University students
  • Online bloggers and researchers

Equipped with the most modern devices and technologies, Rapid Care has earned a reputation among global clients since more than a decade in offering flawless and completely reliable Video Transcription Service, serving diverse industry verticals. Call us to avail the most efficient and meticulous transcription solutions!