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What is Transcription?

Transcription can be described as the process of converting data from audio or video format into text format in the same language. It is the representation of language in written form. The source data could be in various forms such as utterances, recordings, proceedings of conferences and seminars which may be required in text form. The conversion method is known as “transcribing” whereas the converted text is known as “transcript.” People who are involved in this transcribing process are called “Transcribers.”

Transcription is different from translation in that in the latter case, source language text is being represented in a target language (e.g., translating an English text into Spanish) whereas transcription converts data from one format, verbatim, into text format in the same source language. In addition to data conversion, transcription may also contain certain added features such as Speaker Identification, Topic change, Speech changes, time information, and so on. Video transcription is the procedure through which Video files are transcribed into text files for different purposes.

What are the Types of Transcription?

There are various types of Video transcriptions. The contemporary requirements involve transcription of the following types:

  • Educational Transcription
  • Technical Transcription
  • Production Transcription
  • Transcription with Time Coding
  • Research Transcription
  • Dictation Transcription
  • Survey & Market Research Transcription
  • Religious Transcription
  • Documentary Interview Transcription
  • Web-casts
  • Meetings
  • Phone calls
  • Reality TV Footage
  • Focus Groups

What are the Basic Necessities of Transcription Services?

Unquestionably, time and cost saving are the primary resources that need to be managed very conscientiously in the fast growing economy with its competitions and clashes. Quite a few developing as well as grown up organizations the worldwide need a large number of video files to be transcribed. Time and cost constraints make most of them to seek collaboration with some dependable partner to take care of these activities, relieving them from the burden of this tedious job which has to be handled meticulously. Our accurate transcription service makes it possible for you to save time and resources considerably, thus making you free to look after other more important core business processes. In such massive industries as media, time is of high priority and handling the work of transcribing content well could be guaranteed by efficient outsourcing teams like ours.

What are the features that we provide?

We are one among the reputed players with a niche in Transcription Services. We have pride in announcing that we are pioneers in Video Transcription Services with a vast experience on a huge dominion of source data. We undertake processing all types of input information and our Turnaround Time (TAT) is one of the best in the industry. In terms of pricing, we offer the best in the market. We entertain input files in all formats such as Mp3, wav, jpeg, and so on. We have a team of experts that offers satisfactory service as well as timely delivery. The system of quality checks that are installed in place take care of making the transcripts reliable and accurate. We take up both Verbatim and Intelligent Transcription services. Furnishing output with an accuracy as high as 98% is one of our specialties.

Who needs the service?

The volume of data generated has been growing many-fold due to the increase in the digitalization of all information. Handling this sea of information and converting the same into useful data in an easy to use form requires dexterity and know-how. Challenging by nature, this work had better be entrusted only with the right kind of people for obtaining the best output. The transcripts are supposed to be meaningful and easy to execute. Organizations with dearth of associates, trainers, team leaders, project managers and quality analysts who work towards the conversion of data would have to look for reliable service providers with proficiency, who can contribute to progress.

How do you Connect with us?

We have built a system that facilitates clients to place their orders online. We convert almost all types of audio files which include various formats, AIF, AIFF, AMR, AVI, DSS, DVD, DVF, FLV, M4A, M4V, MOV, and VOB, to name a few. Clients can either upload their files directly to our website using drop box or send their input files by email. Rush and super rush TAT are being offered along with high quality.

Our Exclusive Features

We have built our reputation on timely delivery and accurate Video Transcription service. Irrespective of volume of data, our team of trained and experienced professionals sees that your projects are being completed quickly and without error. Ours is an easy-to-order process enabling clients to place orders online quickly. We also provide selection of payment options. We present a 5-minte free trial to our valued clients as a token of understanding. We utilize only human beings to transcribe the recording — this ensures constant compliance to quality, and also assures professional guarantee of accuracy and consistency. The file is checked thoroughly before the transcript is sent back to clients! Our clients get an exclusive nowhere else benefit of unbelievable TAT.

What are the Salient Services Offered?

Our services include almost all types of transcriptions that are useful for the industry. Barring Medical Transcription, we lend our service in various fields. Listed below are a few of those:

  • Group discussions
  • Business meetings
  • Lectures/discussions
  • Interviews
  • Conferences/seminars
  • Film Transcription
  • Academic Video Transcription
  • Educational Material Transcription
  • Digital Transcription

Which Languages are possible?

Our specialty is in offering transcription services in the most number of languages. According to the requirement of the contemporary clients, we furnish transcripts for whatever languages the input files are being uploaded in. And irrespective of the language, we see that our commitment toward accuracy and delivery timeframe of finished files is always met. Along with the state-of-the-art transcription services, we also provide online chat and Free Quote facility to our beloved clients.

What are the added Benefits and Attractions from us?

  • Exclusive offers on Bulk orders
  • 24 × 7 Hassle free Service
  • Whopping 50 + language transcription possibility
  • Call back option for our esteemed clients
  • Easy and customer-friendly Uploading steps: Upload & receive Quote, Pay online, and Collect data by email
  • 100% money back Guarantee

For all your Video Transcription Services you are welcome to approach us – Be assured of accuracy and timely delivery of the crisp and clear transcripts from us. Visit our website!