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Significant Role Played by Physician Credentialing Services

Sometimes referred to as primary source verification and used often to mean insurance enrollment, physician credentialing is a vital process performed for verifying provider credentials.

Physician Credentialing – The Process

Credentialing service providers ensure that your practice gets the attention and receives the care it really deserves. Provider enrollment process is essential – getting affiliated with insurance companies is needed for accepting third-party reimbursement.

The process of getting enrolled with insurance panels is a lengthy and challenging task that generally takes three to four months. Due to the voluminous paper work and communication that is required in this process, busy medical professionals had better get it done through reliable physician credentialing service providers.

Why is Physician Credentialing Considered Important?

Enrolling and attesting a provider as part of a network is necessary for authorizing them as members in health care payers’ plans. The process verifies whether a provider meets all standards that have been determined by the payers. It involves reviewing factors such as the individual’s certification, license, education, experience, affiliation, training, and clinical judgment.

Effective physician credentialing service has become absolute necessity for any medical practice’s performance. Failing to complete proper enrollment may lead to payment being refused or delayed by insurance carriers.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions from Rapid Care

Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd has been offering revenue cycle management services to medical practices and physicians spread across the globe since more than a decade.

Our Services Include

  • Credentialing / insurance enrollment services
  • Nurse practitioner credentialing service
  • Re-credentialing, when required
  • Insurance negotiations or contracting services
  • Medicare and Medicaid enrollment services

By partnering with Rapid Care, physician practices and hospitals can be assured that their credentialing process is being professionally completed. We ensure that your revenue cycle processes are fully supported.

For availing the reliable credentialing services of Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd and to know more about our health care technology solutions, visit our website www.rapidcare.net