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Why Charge Entry is Considered crucial in Medical Billing

Medical Coding and Billing is not an easy process. Involving a cluster of services, this intricate process is considered vital in a medical practice. It impacts the financial stability of practices and includes several processes among which demo and charge entry is given special importance.

Why is Charge Entry Considered Significant?

Even a minor mistake in charge entry impacts the entire outcome, if overlooked. Charge and Demo entry happens to prove very sensitive in medical billing. This department is instrumental in achieving successful and effective claim filing.

Quite often, codes and charges are updated, necessitating practices to keep in line with these changes. Moreover, accuracy of charge entry plays a crucial role in accomplishing reimbursement- the amount of reimbursement depends on how precisely you make the charge entry.

Factors Covered Under Charge Entry

  • Date on which service is provided
  • Billing and rendering providers
  • Place of service
  • Referring physician
  • Date of admission
  • Prior referral or authorization
  • CPT and number of units performed
  • Diagnosis code
  • Modifiers

Demo Entry covers the following:

  • Details of Patient
    • Patient name, ID, Gender, Date of Birth, SSN, address, contact details, and phone number
  • Details of Guarantor
    • Name of guarantor, gender, date of birth, address, SSN, and phone number
  • Details of Insurance
    • Name and address of Insurance provider, identification number, date of commencement and termination of policy, subscriber’s date of birth and gender, and relationship of guarantor to the insured

How does Correct Charge Entry Help Practices?

  • Achieve Uninterrupted Cash Flow
    • Services provided by practices to patients are entered in the form of codes associated with service charges – entering codes and charges correctly is essential for getting proper reimbursement. Charge entry must be considered important for maintaining a healthy cash flow.
  • Avoid Rejected and Denied Claims
    • When errors are overlooked and passed on to the next level in the process of claim submission, reviewers may deny or reject claims based on the severity of mistakes. The health care facility may be required to re-submit corrected claim and this involves spending more of precious time. Perfect charge entry eliminates the possibility of claims getting denied or rejected.
  • Reduction in Time Consumed
    • Apart from having to spend time on normal data entry, it takes more time and effort for identifying errors. Sometimes, it takes even days or weeks to pinpoint where something has gone wrong. This certainly will impact the revenue cycle management process. Expertise in charge entry process will help reduce time spent on such activities.

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